Monopoly Revolution Edition – Do you take credit cards?


In case you guys missed it, because I know I did, I thought I’d share the newest addition to the Monopoly line. To celebrate the game’s 75th anniversary, last fall Hasbro introduced a circular Monopoly board in the “Monopoly: Revolution Edition.” This game does away with the iconic monopoly money, and keeps up with the times with an electronic pod and, get this, credit cards to keep track of a players cash position — and to prevent cheating.

Hasbro has also provided cost-of-living increases, adjusting monetary amounts to account for about 75 years of inflation, so when you pass Go, not only will you hear a party tune, you’ll earn $2 million, instead of a measly $200 bucks. With sound effects and music from the past five decades this is a stylish addition to the Monopoly family.

This game is full of fun features that will bring your favorite property-trading game to life!

More than 275 million games have been sold worldwide and it’s available in 111 countries, in 43 languages, maybe it’s time to get yours?

Available now at for about $20.00 bucks


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