iCam Game Console System


They say that learning works best when you’re playing, which is why animals tend to play a whole lot when they’re young – the same applies to us humans, but with some countries in the world being more rigid and placing extra emphasis on being naively obedient, then the element of play is removed, hence actually slowing down their mental development.

If you intend to let your little one fulfill his or her potential (or at least doing your bit), then ThinkGeek’s iCam Game Console System might be able to help. No guarantees here, but this console has hundreds of education games that require specially designed magic wands to interact with the game on your PC – Nintendo Wii clone, anyone?

Apart from that, there will be multi-level activities allow children to progress at their own pace so that there won’t be any undue or additional pressure on them to excel and outperform their mates. Currently available for $59.99 each, this purchase will come with a couple of magic wands and a magic driving wheel alongside the CD parent guide which we strongly recommend you to read before getting started – you didn’t expect your toddler to read on your behalf, did you?

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