Ningen Gakki makes the body into an instrument

This flamboyant poster with the tiny robot man is an ad for the Ningen Gakki.
The Ningen Gakki is made by Takara Tomy, and the name translates from the Japanese to “human instrument”. It is named this because that is what it does: turns your flesh into something that plays music better than you can.
It can be used by four people, and it works by having each of the players pinching the silver parts which are actually electrodes. This makes the entire body a musical instrument, and touching the skin creates activates a contact and very musical sound. You should definitely hit the jump if you want to see this.
The Ningen Gakki has several modes. One is a performance mode, which allows the user a chance to play a pre-programmed tune with a vibrato sound. Then there is the drum mode which enables the user ability to play a tuneless percussion by beating different parts of the body.
By the way, beating different parts of the body harder does not mean the sound gets louder. I am wondering if that was this way by design. You don’t want to have someone slapping you silly just to make a rockin’ tune.
The Ningen Gakki by Takara Tomy was on display at a recent conference, and I would imagine it will get on sale soon.