DIY makes cool flamethrower gloves

We have reported on some cool weapons made from DIYers before. For example, there was that actual Star Trek Phaser with the beam that really works.
Here is another weapon that is created by DIYers at J&M Special Effects, and I would love to see it in any movie and in real life.
I have a video of this after the jump, and the man looks like Pyro from the X-men movies, without any of the mutant powers.
You will note that there are many hoses and cables that don’t look very safe. Not that making a flame thrower would fall under anyone’s definition of safe, of course.
Apparently, J&M Special Effects is working on a more compact version of this flamethrower. I suppose that this would be good for when you want to conceal your flamethrower. Granted, I cannot think of a situation other than espionage where you would need a concealed flame thrower.
Then again, I don’t know much about flame throwers. Usually, I see them as big backpacks that require a gun which needs two hands. If it could be done with one hand spraying flame in a compact form, then why not? Of course, I can think of a reason of making this, because it is just plain cool.