The Most Convenient Bluetooth Headset


If there is one thing that I have noticed about Hammacher’s products, it is the use of adjectives. While some of them might sound out of this world (as our readers have pointed out in the past via comments), surely they haven’t gotten slapped with a lawsuit before for false advertising, which means their claims are legit?

Here we are today with another device – known as The Most Convenient Bluetooth Headset. Why is it called that, you ask? Well, apparently it will remain charged in a car and automatically reconnect with your cell phone. The headset will juice up from a base which plugs into your 12-volt DC adapter, hence doing away with the need to charge up your headset inside every time.

The moment you enter the vehicle, the headset will automatically reconnect with your paired cell phone, which isn’t different at all from the automatic reconnection of a built-in hands-free system. You will be able to enjoy crystal clear conversation since the headset boasts noise suppression technology.

One hour of charging delivers up to four hours of talk time and 150 hours of stand-by time. Thanks to a USB mini-charger, you can also juice up this $99.95 purchase from any USB-powered source.

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