Core 3000 chassis for DIY enthusiasts

There is nothing quite like the feeling of building your own computer from scratch – of course, we aren’t referring to you churning up everything from its components to the nitty gritty, but getting all the essential parts from a reputable store and piecing everything else together in your garage (or room, whichever you’re more comfortable with).
Yes, the type of processor, memory, storage space solution are all extremely important, but do remember that piecing all of those into a suitable casing/chassis is also equally important. This is where the Core 3000 comes in, as this puppy will be able to offer a whole bunch of cooling options to make sure everything inside runs fine and dandy even when you crank it up.

Boasting up to 7 fans of various sizes which can be installed, you might be surprised to find the inside run relatively cool compared to other similar configurations in a different chassis. The front panel itself is easily removable and will come pre-fitted with fan filters, making sure your interior is dust free. As for its sleek black interior, it is matched and contrasted with white expansion slots and hard drive trays.
Just like its Define Series, all the hard drive trays will be fitted with anti-vibration silicon grommets, while the upper hard drive cage is both removable and rotatable, making sure it will play nice with even the longest graphic cards.
For a full list of features and specifications, they’re listed below.

  • Simple yet elegant front panel with mesh and filter
  • Optimized for performance with multiple cooling options
  • A total of 7(!) fan slots (1x 120mm + 1x 140mm in front, 2x 120/140mm in top, 1x 120mm in bottom, 1x 120mm in rear, 1x 120/140mm in side panel)
  • Three fans included (1x 140mm in front, 1x 120mm in rear and 1x 140mm in top)
  • 6x white painted HDD trays, with silicone mounting grommets
  • Upper HDD cage is removable and rotatable
  • Easily removable front panel with clip on fan slots
  • 6x 3.5 inch HDD trays, compatible with SSD!
  • 2x 5.25 inch bays, with 1x 5,25>3,5 inch converter included
  • 4x USB 2.0 and Audio I/O – mounted on top of front panel
  • Removable filter below PSU (PSU not included)
  • M/B compatibility: Mini ITX, Micro ATX and ATX
  • 7 expansion slots with sleek white painted brackets
  • Supports graphic card lengths up to 270mm when removable HDD-Bay is in place
  • Supports graphic card lengths up to 420mm without removable HDD-Bay
  • Supports CPU coolers with height of 160mm
  • Supports PSU’s with a depth of maximum circa 160mm, when using bottom 120mm fan location.
  • When not using the bottom 120mm fan location, the case supports also longer PSU’s, typically 250mm
  • Case size (WxHxD): 200x430x480mm with front and top bezel in place
  • Net weight: 7.1kg

Not too sure how much this will cost though as at press time.
Press Release