Sceptre releases 24″ LED HDTVs

When it comes to HDTVs these days, widescreen displays are a must since you will need those to enjoy your favorite movies in the format where they were intended for, instead of missing out on additional details on either side. Hence, finding a decent widescreen HDTV these days that is just right for you can be pretty confusing, considering the plethora of options that there are on the open market.
Sceptre wants to step in and fill the 24″ niche, where it has just announced the availability of colors in its Galaxy Series 24-inch LED widescreen HDTV. This is a super slim model that is lightweight as well, boasting 1920 x 1080 resolution as well as a rapid 5ms response time, and you are able to choose in pearl white, red, pink, black, blue and chrome color that will definitely find a place in any living room.

Apart from the colors being part of Sceptre’s stunning Galaxy Series, (with particular attention to the elegant Pearl White), you will soon realize that each LED HDTV functions as a monitor when required, delivering a realistic sensory experience for both movie lovers and PC gamers.
Cathy Chou, Vice President of Operations, Sceptre, has this to say, “Sceptre introduces colors to complement different lifestyles, allowing users to immerse themselves in outstanding images without sacrificing personality, décor and style. Users now have a choice and no longer need to settle for the traditional black.”
As for hardware specifications, expect the 24-inch LED HDTVs to measure a mere 0.9” at its thinnest point, while “bulging” at 1.9” at its thickest. making them slim enough to fit into most settings without a problem. Not only that, you will find dual HDMI ports and a USB port that provides expanded functionality, letting you listen to MP3 files, view photos and enjoy an array of electronic peripherals quickly and conveniently.
These should be pretty easy to find, since Walmart, Target, Sears, Kmart, NewEgg, Amazon and QVC will carry them at a price which is extremely friendly to your pockets – we’re talking about a mere $399.
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