The Magic Carp-pet – Please don’t feed the fish


We’ve been so bombarded with all these 3D images and special effects, that sometimes I find myself waiting for even newer and more complex technology. My daughter doesn’t even want to go see a move anymore if it isn’t in 3D and I wonder to myself, whats next?

Let me share with you John Leung’s “Magic Carp-pet,” made in collaboration with Australian architectural and design firm, ClarkeHopkinsClark, which uses what looks like a slatted coffee table and a black and white carp print rug to produce an effect that allows anyone moving around the table to see a school of swimming carp gracefully animating. Decidedly low tech, but the idea, the design, still wonderfully innovative, as you shall see after the break.

Check out some pictures and a video of this carpet and coffee table combo in motion here.

I guess sometimes, we get so tied up in the marvel of high tech things, that we can easily forget to enjoy something seemingly simple, something old, thats made new again, like this non-electronic but equally captivating, optical illusion.

I must say I am amazed at all the new and surprising things I come across, some of it is important, some of it incredible, and some if it is, well, just darn fun. I can’t help but smile thinking about my next cocktail party, serving wine and cheese around a table like this… it would certainly make for an interesting evening.


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