Robo-Rainbow paints a rainbow in 15 seconds

by Mark R

Last week, I saw a documentary film entitled Exit Through the Gift Shop, and it was a film about street art. You can watch it for free at now.

The film opened my eyes to see that some of the graffiti isn’t there for “tagging” or going against the system, but an attempt from artists to make the streets more beautiful. Many of these great street artists, including the now legendary Banksy, bring in cardboard stencils so they can do their work faster. Also, so they won’t be apprehended by the law.

This street artist named Mudlevel has created a Robo-Rainbow, which can make a perfectly formed multicolored rainbow on a wall in 15 seconds. You can see it on a video after the jump.

The Robo-Rainbow uses a mechanical sweeping arm with spray cans. That might sound incredibly simple, but the device is quite complicated with an Arduino processor controlling an electric drill and servos to trigger the spray can nozzles. Apparently, it is harder to make a colored arc, and requires varying speeds of the swooping arm to make it work.

Well, this is definitely for any town that could use a little more rainbow-colored goodness on the walls. Personally, many cities could use decorations like this.

robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.


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