ZMP City Simulator Experiment

Some of you might remember the last time we covered the RoboCar ZMP, which is essentially the Knight Rider dream of a car with an autopilot.
I’m not certain whether this City Simulator Experiment is related to this story, but it sounds like it could be how the robot car works.
Think of it as a way to operate a remote control car just like you would operate a real car. You will notice this man at the giant screen, and I have a video of it after the jump in action. I also have another video of the car if you want to see it for yourself.
I think this might be a very fun toy for kids who can’t drive as yet. Just be sure to wear your helmet. In fact, while we are on that subject, why is this man wearing a helmet? I mean, real drivers aren’t required to wear helmets, for crying out loud.
It certainly looks like a lot of fun. You know those people that like to go to Go-Cart tracks to do some racing, even though they can drive actual cars? Well, perhaps they would love to race around some serious tracks with this bad boy. I’m not certain what ZMP has in store.