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You know those movies where rappers and dancers get together, and they hold “battles”? Now I am not that musically inclined, and I definitely do not have any idea on how the judging on points come about, but I guess that there is always a time and place to start, what with the £19.99 Rap Battles Game.

Yup, imagine yourself to be the next Ice T or Eminem (or Vanilla Ice if you’re a 1980s kid), waiting to unleash your skills of a lyrical poet or master MC. Challenge your mates as well as drive your family nuts with this, as you earn hip hop dollars (the game’s denomination of choice) as you wax lyrical in your living room.

To win the game, just be the first player (or should we say, rapper?) to earn $1,000. Each purchase will come with a Boom box, 40 Rap cards, 40 Star cards, Dice, and the relevant Rap dollars. To play, there must be a Rap manager who is in charge of paying each player $100 if they successfully complete a rap. Each player will take turns to pick up a Rap card and Star card, rolling the dice and letting the number decide which track the rap will be performed to.

Best to dress up for the part, no?

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