Check out the new sport, 360ball

We’ve previously reported about budding sports here at Coolest Gadgets with Knokkers, a game that combines bowling with billiards.
This 360 ball is a game of tennis combined with, I don’t know, maybe Tiddlywinks? I have a video of it after the jump so you can see how it is played. As for me, I can’t figure out how to play it. Then again, I’m not that good at sports and couldn’t explain to you the rules of football if you asked me.
Here’s what I can understand: there are four players that must start in a particular quadrant. One of them hits the ball into the central circle that you see there. The players from the other team must hit it back, but they are allowed to touch the ball twice in the process.
If the ball hits the ground or another player, then the other team gets a point. If the ball strikes that inner orange circle after hearing the central circle, I believe the ball must be played on, but it makes for some interesting ricochets.
I would imagine that this type of circular court would be more difficult to built then a tennis court, but it certainly looks quite interesting. Right now, the first official court has been set up in Knysna, South Africa. If there are spectator seats for that, I’m guessing most of them get a good view.