Wedgi offers hands-free smartphone operation


Everyone knows that driving around while yakking on your cell phone without a hands-free kit (be it a speakerphone or a Bluetooth headset) is dangerous, not only to you but to other road users as well. After all, having your concentration taken off the road by an iota could potentially lead to a catastrophe down the road, pun intended. This is why getting a hands-free kit is of utmost importance, but which one do you choose?

Out this week by C & C Designs Technology, LLC, the patent-pending wedgi can be said to be the most versatile smartphone kickstand and dashboard mounting device available on the market at point of publishing. Of course, that is just PR spin, but we will have to test it for ourselves (or wait for our dear readers to be an early adopter) before coming up with our own conclusion.

Why the wedgi? Well, it takes its name from its slim, lightweight design, where the wedgi has been specially designed to be inserted into any seam in a car’s dashboard, resulting in a simple hands-free operation of any mobile device. It doesn’t matter whether it is used as a kickstand or a dashboard mount, the wedgi’s ratcheting, rotating head is full well capable of adjusting to any angle.

Since necessity is the mother of all invention, the same law applies to the wedgi as C & C Designs Technology co-founder Santo Curatolo realized that being a frequent traveler, he has had plenty of experience with a host of cell phone holders only to have them frustrate him since they do not have a multi-purpose function like the wedgi.

With the wedgi, you can use your phone in a rental car or watch a movie on an airplane with your handset, all using the same peripheral. It will also play nice with GPS navigation devices and MP3 players, retailing for a mere $9.99. Time to give your wallet a wedgie, eh?

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