3Feet mobile device accessory vs. a pizza box accessory

What you are seeing on the far left is the 3Feet, and it is a stand for a mobile device from iPad to iPhone size.
It was a device that I tried out at CES 2011, and got a chance to try out for myself. It definitely did a good job holding up my Droid smartphone.
Then again, so did this other accessory to the right of the 3Feet that I got for free. The item in question came from a pizza box. You know that weird plastic thing with three legs that serves no purpose except give your pizza box lid more support on the top? Yes, I masterfully figured out how to use one as a smartphone stand, and it worked.
Am I saying that the 3feet Stand is just as good as some plastic you get for free? Absolutely not. I found that I could not do portrait mode on the pizza thing, just landscape. I’m pretty certain that the pizza thing couldn’t hold up an iPad either.
Also, the pizza thing couldn’t fold up very neatly and fit conveniently in a normal-sized pocket. In short, I do recommend the 3Feet, and you can get some more information about it here.