Rude Gameware introduces Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse

If you are one who takes your gaming seriously, then the Rude Gameware Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse is definitely something you might want to look into, if you have decided to forsake other more notable names such as Razer and its offerings. The Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse is already in its second iteration, which means the original is now cheaper if you are one who can live with older technology, so to speak.
What makes the Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse so special? For starters, it will come injected with proprietary, performance-enhancing components, resulting in Rude Gameware proudly announcing that its abilities has improved by leaps and bounds – to more than 60%, actually. You will just have to peek into the extended post to know how far this gaming peripheral has come since its predecessor.

The Fierce Laser Mouse V2 will now come with an overpowered 5000 DPI laser engine alongside a lighting response time of only 1 millisecond – that should offer more than enough juice and speed to shatter gaming records, if only you had the skills to back it up.
The Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse V2 will also come with all the relevant details that gamers want in a mouse sans the additional complications, and of course, you will be wondering just how much you will need to fork out for this technological wonder – we’re looking at a mere $49.95, which is highly affordable by gamer standards. Oh yeah, it is game legal, too, so fret not about being “disqualified” or robbed of your victory when you use the Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse.
As for the rest of its specifications, they are as follows :-

  • 5000 DPI Laser Engine
  • 1000 Hz polling with 1 millisecond response time
  • Onboard memory to save your modifications
  • 7 independently programmable buttons and macro support
  • Adjustable weights
  • Zero-acoustic ultra smooth Teflon feet
  • Always-On mode
  • On the fly sensitivity DPI adjustment (no driver needed)
  • LED DPI Indicator
  • Gold plated USB connector for maximum conductivity
  • 7 foot, lightweight, non-tangle cord
  • Included customization software

Expect the Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse V2 to hit North America and select international retailers from next month onwards.
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2 thoughts on “Rude Gameware introduces Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse”

  1. I have had this exact mouse, the Fierce Laser. First thing is overall i would rate it quite well. I’ve had it about 8 months, right now it is having a problem and the movement is not detecting properly. Aside from that the smoothness (I never run it at 5000, it’s so sensitive 🙂 control of macro settings, ability to weight the mouse differently as you prefer, and great feel and button layout make it one heck of a buy, as long as it does not fritz out!

  2. In response to my last post: I got the driver/control issue resolved and everything works perfectly again. This is one of the best mice out there for the cost. Nothing else comes close!

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