RC Tricopter shooting hydrogen-filled balloons is the coolest thing you will see all day

by Mark R

What you are seeing here is an excellent justification for putting guns on the Parrot AR.Drone. These two guys put fireworks guns on this mini RC tricopter here.

You absolutely have to watch the video after the jump to see what came next. The fireworks guns are roman candles that are triggered by a bit-switch.

Once these two guys let loose the mini RC tricopter, they targeted some balloons filled with hydrogen. In case you aren’t aware, hydrogen makes balloons float better than helium. You’ll notice that when they are hit with a spark, it creates an explosion better than Star Wars or Die Hard.

You definitely have to see the end of the video to see the tricopter face off with two 100 pack rockets on a tripod. It reminds me of the final showdown between the Enterprise and the Reliant at the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in its sheer epicness.

Of course, Star Trek II didn’t end with the two major players colliding with each other. That is definitely how this one ends, and comes complete with video game sound effects and captions as well.

Just enjoy the video here, as it will be the best thing you will see all day, guaranteed.


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