Black Pyramids could harness solar energy in the UAE

Did you ever wonder why the Egyptians built the pyramids? It wasn’t because the desert was too boring, but they were tombs for the pharaohs.
In the case of this particular concept design known as Lunar Cubit, these pyramids could be built for the purposes of solar energy.
Lunar Cubit is the winning entry in Land Art Generator Initative, a contest in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) made for designing green energy installations that look really nice.
For some reason, I don’t have any information from my source about how this pyramid collects solar energy. However, I have heard that the deep black panels on the pyramid can give out enough power for 250 homes.
In fact, much of what my Source says deals with lunar energy. Apparently, this Lunar Cubit pyramid light up in various patterns to indicate the phases of the moon. I’m not certain why this is, but if we can ever harness the power of the moon, that would be good.
I don’t know if these pyramids will ever be built, but considering all the stuff in Dubai that has been built, I don’t see why not. Personally, I think that this is the best use of pyramids since the glass one at the Louvre.