JAOtech has new LED TV for hospitals

When it comes to HDTVs as well as other flat screen displays, surely you would not have heard of JAOtech but rather stuck with the traditional names such as Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Mitsubishi among others. JAOtech, isn’t that well known among the consumer circles simply because it is the leading manufacturer of bedside Smart Terminals for hospitals.
Having said that, JAOtech has prepared itself to unveil the world’s first large screen ultra-thin medical LED TV that comes complete with a built-in computer, targeting specifically at healthcare applications such as patient entertainment and clinical access. Known as the 40” Inix, it will hit North America at HIMSS 2011 in Orlando, Florida from February 21st – 24th.

JAOtech will also use the event to introduce a host of other product developments in its Arcos accessories range, where among them include multimedia wall boxes and arms that were specially designed for use with bedside cabinets.
The new JAOtech Inix Smart HD LED TVs will also be pretty similar in terms of features that made its Smart Terminals extremely popular with hospitals around the world. The product itself was designed specially for the medical environment with an IP rated waterproof screen that has been tested against hospital cleaning agents. As for the fan-less embedded computer, it will be powered by the latest Intel Atom processor technology that delivers low noise and power consumption coupled with high reliability and performance.
Of course, to keep up with the rest of the Joneses, the Inix will be able to handle full high definition 1080p resolution with aplomb. This 40” model is extremely thin at a mere 1.6” thick, although this is definitely nowhere near the super slim LED TVs that we saw at CES earlier this year.
Apart from that, the Inix is compatible with JAOtech’s newly developed gesture remote control that sports a full keyboard on the back, making it the perfect tool for inputting data or writing emails. Apart from that, the TV will also play nice with JAOtech’s existing Wyki wireless keyboard.
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