Ricoh does digital photography with new CX5

Ricoh knows that the market for digital cameras is huge, and they have just revamped their range with the new CX5 digital camera model which boasts a wide-angle, high magnification 10.7× optical zoom (28–300 mm) lens that will in turn deliver a higher autofocus speed courtesy of Ricoh’s new hybrid AF system.
With this, the new CX5 will feature AF focusing times that are decreased to as low as 0.2 seconds, irregardless of whether you’re using wide-angle 28mm or telephoto 300mm, which is nearly half as short compared to its predecessor (the CX4), thanks to the aforementioned new hybrid AF system. To put it in a nutshell for the average layperson to understand, the CX5 is perfectly adept at helping you shoot the image you were waiting for without having to miss the moment.

The implementation of super-resolution technology in the CX5 will pave the way for recording of images with improved resolution, while in its telephoto shooting at up to 600mm equivalent, you can be assured that there will be minimal degradation in image quality with its “Super-resolution Zoom.”
What makes us pretty stoked about the CX5 will be something that most other digital cameras lack – we’re talking about the Continuous Golf Swing scene mode. Yes sir, you can now improve on your swing simply by taking photos of you in action with a golf club. It will display grid lines when shooting and playback, so that you can further make changes to your game and decrease your handicap in future rounds.
With 14 different types of Scene Modes, you can be pretty sure that no environment or event is going to be a challenge for you, and best of all is, you need not fiddle with confusing looking buttons and controls that are found on DSLRs. Of course, this compact digital camera is no substitute for what a DSLR can deliver, but it does offer a decent alternative.
Out later this February for $500 thereabouts, you might want to consider the Ricoh CX5 as your next casual digital photography purchase.
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