Find-My-Car insures that you never forget where you park your car

Did I tell you that I lost my rental car at the Caesar’s Palace parking garage during CES 2011 in Las Vegas? Of course I didn’t. I was way too embarrassed to put it in print.
Of course, if the garage had the Park Assist System, there would be a series of high-resolution digital cameras that can track a car by a license plate number. Then it would have scanned me in and told me where my car is after I had attended Pepcom.
So, instead of wandering around the garage and trying to retrace my steps and what elevator I took, I could have just gone up to the Find-Your-Car kiosks, punch in the plate number, and it could have guided me straight to my vehicle. This would have saved me the hour I took finding my car!
Yes, I actually spent an hour wandering around a parking garage trying to find my car. In all honesty, I would gladly take the Big Brother implications of having a Find-Your-Car System in order to save me from embarrassment of telling a similar lost car story in the future.
Yeah, it would be very easy for the police to get access to Find-Your-Car systems in order to find a convict or someone who has a lot of tickets. I suppose that the we’ll be seeing the rights about this system being debated for years before it ever gets implemented.