The Affinity Chair can turn invisible

by Mark R

This is the Affinity Chair from designer Ben Alun-Jones, and it is a chair that can turn invisible. Actually, it is a chair that is already invisible and can turn visible when needed, seriously.

The Affinity Chair is made of some clear acrylic that uses the mirror film that is seen to tint car windows. If someone approaches, there is an ultrasonic sensor that kicks into gear, then a pulsating set of LED lights inside the chair. As a person gets closer, the LED lights speed up to make it clearer to look at. So not only is your furniture invisible, but it starts lighting up.

The Affinity Chair is on display at Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I don’t think that there is way for a person to actually buy this.

Then again, do you really want to have invisible furniture on your house? You know that time when you bump your knees on a chair or a couch because your lights are off? Just picture doing that when the lights are on.

Yes, I can imagine a lot of bumping around like being in a giant invisible pinball machine of pain. Still, I wouldn’t mind having an invisible bed, especially if it lit up as I got into it. I won’t tell you why.


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