Balance separates work and play on your BlackBerry

Research In Motion (RIM) knows that they have to do something to ensure they are still around in a few years’ time and avoid the path of irrelevance that Nokia is taking, and hence intends to go all out in maintaining their territory when it comes to the corporate smartphone market by making sure the BlackBerry is smart enough to segregate a user’s personal data from work-related emails as well as other applications sponsored by employers thanks to the Balance software. This software will more or less give you more from a single phone – making you feel as though you were using two phones in one, and RIM intends that this move will help combat the erosion of its market share in the corporate segment to other competitors such as Android-powered and iOS devices. Balance is currently undergoing testing and should hit North America within a couple of months’ time. In addition, Balance will arrive on the PlayBook tablet to make it one of the more exciting software releases for mobile devices these coming months.
Source: Reuters