Introducing the Skizee, the Stand-up Snowmobile

by Mark R

What you are seeing here is the Skizee, and it is designed to do what skis cannot, carry you uphill. Yes, I still remember that first lesson of skiing back in grade school: skis go downhill, and you need a rope-tow or ski-lift if you want to go up.

It looks like someone just cut a snowmobile in half and somehow figured out a way to put a tread with a 10.5 hp 4-stroke engine on your back, but you can watch the video after the jump to see that it gets the job done.

I suppose that the Skizee takes the fun of a snowmobile and gives it to the user in standing-up form. It also puts it in a small form, as this can be put in the back of a trunk along with the poles it comes in. Now you don’t need a pickup truck or a separate trailer to do your snowmobiling habit, assuming you can handle the new method where you don’t sit down.

So, is this a new method of going on snow? I remember when snowboards first hit the slopes, and things were never the same. I wonder what these things run on, and how efficient is their gas mileage.

The Skizee costs about $2,500, so that seems a little high to me. Perhaps it is too expensive to be the newest snow fad.


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