Desktop Combustion Engine


Ever wondered how an engine works? Well, you can spend some time with one up close and personal thanks to Hammacher who has come up with the Desktop Combustion Engine. This unique device is capable of generating a cool 2,000 rpm right in front of your own eyes, where it is crafted from solid brass, stainless steel, and aluminum by a German engineering company.

Needless to say, the German touch results in an engine that has a precisely calibrated carburetor, spark plug, and piston which will generate maximum mechanical energy in a smooth, efficient manner. It relies on butane which is readily available at camping stores to fuel it, where the engine will start simply by turning its flywheel.

There is also a piezo magneto that is attached to a timing disk which will send an electrical impulse to the spark plug, helping ignite the fuel within the cylinder. An adjustable fuel valve will control the engine’s speed where this simple yet elegant movement of the valve rod, cross head, and crankshaft are clearly visible at lower revolutions.

The whir of the engine is similar to that of a kitchen blender, where its dual exhaust pipes emit a non-toxic, invisible gas – so you can forget about committing suicide with this in a sealed office room simply because you can’t handle all the workload that’s thrown at you (alongside the fact that the hot secretary rejects your advances daily). A full tank will have this $999.95 engine run for 15 minutes.

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