2GB Flash Drive Memory Spy Audio Digital Voice Sound Recorder

Now that’s certainly one of the longer names for any device in my history with Coolest Gadgets, why can’t we just call it a spy voice recorder? Oh yeah, perhaps that will not help it stand out from the rest of the crowd, that’s why. The next time you go to work and tote a USB flash drive, make sure it is this $19.99 model since it sports an advantage that your colleagues’ don’t – it has a built-in sound recorder. Yup, even if it is lying prone on a table, it is capable of capturing crystal clear audio across a 5-meter radius, storing all of the recordings onto its internal flash memory. All you need to do for that to happen is slide the switch and audio recording happens instantly and automatically. We find it rather strange that audio is recorded in WAV format instead of MP3, but good thing its 2GB of internal memory can hold up to 4.5 hours of non-stop recording. Since it doubles up as a USB flash drive as well, this one has something slightly different – an integrated 120mAH Li-battery that takes 1.5 hours to juice up. We would have liked to see something with more internal memory though to keep up with the Joneses.