Nintendo 3DS release dates and pricing formally announced


Stereoscopic 3D is where it is at, and Nintendo is not slow off the mark to make sure they are there at the very beginning to capture a potentially lucrative market with their upcoming portable 3D-enabled console, the aptly named Nintendo 3DS. This will definitely be yet another shift in the gaming industry, having first rolling out touch-screen gaming in 2004 and motion-controlled gaming in 2006, where March 27 2011 will be a date that many will look forward to. Nintendo’s 3DS will finally be available to the masses, bringing portable entertainment in 3D without having to purchase a pair of special glasses to begin with. While the initial choice of colors are pretty disappointing by Nintendo’s standards (you can choose from only Cosmo Black or Aqua Blue), we are pretty sure that the Big N will be rolling out more color variants down the road as they normally do.

The Nintendo 3DS has been called to be in a category of its own – simply because it offers an experience that cannot be found anywhere else in terms of portable gaming. Folks residing Stateside will have to fork out $249.99 for this toy, while those living outside of the US Will be subjected to pricing set by local markets, although you can be sure that the gaming experience will not fall short anywhere.

Just in case some of you have been living under a rock for the past year, the Nintendo 3DS will share the DNA of its predecessor in terms of the form factor and number of screens – and while the bottom screen is touch sensitive just like its ancestors, there is a change to the top screen since that part is able to display 3D visuals to the naked eye sans any glasses. In fact, it is said that looking at the screen is akin to peering through a window into a world where characters and objects have true depth. There is also a 3D Depth Slider which allows you to select the level of 3D that your eyes can take, not to mention help prolong the battery life if you decide to lower the depth or turn it off altogether. The Nintendo 3DS also includes a Circle Pad that delivers a full 360 degrees of direction, giving it the freedom and precision needed to play games in 3D worlds. Those who have had experience with the Nintendo 64 will probably know what we’re talking about here. Game on! I know what I want for Christmas this year.

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Hukiworld Says: January 21, 2011 at 9:03 am

$250 for a hand held deluxe gameboy unit! Seriously! That’s all it is, a fancy gameboy pack. I’d rather spend $250 on a smartphone which will do a lot more than this gaming toy. It’s nice but seriously, only thing is different, it’s 3D version- that’s it. It’s really not that impressive. I guess I don’t care for 3D just like in movies, it’s darker to view, I prefer bright clear 2D screen over 3D any day. This unit is definitely over priced and soon they will notice and have to lower it in order not to lose money when it goes on market.

smfw Says: January 21, 2011 at 10:09 am

$250 is not too much. It’s not a deluxe Gameboy, it’s a DS, it’s not the 90’s anymore. 3D is NOT the only thing different, the graphics are more comparable to the GC or Wii where as the DSi is more like the N64. The Nintendo DSi XL was $189 on release and I really doubt that Nintendo would sell a 3D unit with better graphics and improved controls at the same price. Don’t buy it, I’ll be enjoying my 3D Ocarina of Time on release.

Auri Says: January 21, 2011 at 6:13 pm

I’m not going to stand in line for this thing, but you have to admit, the technology is pretty impressive. As long as the games aren’t just made to pander to the 3D experience, it should be a damn good “deluxe gameboy”.

Giga Shadow Says: March 11, 2011 at 11:21 pm

There is SOOOOOOO much great things about the new 3ds. Not just the fact that it is 3d.
It has more than DOUBLE the resolution of any of the previous ds’s

It has a JOYSTICK type thing which means a lot more variation in types of games it will be able to play

It Has STREET FIGHTER that has to count for something

It can do NETFLIX movies which is awsome.

It can take 3d pictures and soon 3d VIDEO.

It has an ACCELEROMETER and GYROSCOPE so you can play those games like on the IPhone where you tilt the system.

It has AUGMENTED REALITY which is hard to explain, just look it up.

It has more variation of COLORS it can display. (I forgot how much but it’s a lot more than the previous ds’s).

It has a new internet service provider which means it can do FLASH and perhaps YOU TUBE videos. We will see what they do with that.

It has a TELESCOPIC pen. Not too much of an improvement but it might make some things easier.

You can PAUSE your 3ds game and go online at anytime which is great if you want to use cheats or find out how to beat a level.

That’s all I can name right now. This is much more than another ds. This thing is going to be the mightiest portable gaming system ever. Seriously, why do you think games like Ace combat, Street fighter, Blaz Blue, and Metal Gear Solid are coming out for it? Because they realize how the ds is becoming a game console that has the capability to run really great games with over double the resolution, great 3d graphics and an awesome 3d engine and a larger color spectrum. Not to mention all the interesting things they could do with augmented reality. The 3ds is going to be well worth it, especially since you can trade in your old ds for a discount. Of course, I’m still going to wait until the price goes down. And don’t worry it will go down. With all that said, the 3ds is an exciting prospect indeed. It’s a real step up for nintendo in my opinion. You can tell it’s a step up from all the great new games that going to come out for it. Beter than Wii graphics on a portable system that is in EVERY way superior to the psp, now that’s something worth getting excited for.

dherkadubs Says: March 22, 2011 at 7:16 am


when you said it wasn’t the 90s anymore, i died a little inside.

Rovelius Says: March 22, 2011 at 12:16 pm

Except the 3DS is much more powerful than a DS itself – about the processing power of a GameCube. That, coupled with the 3d-without-glasses-uber-feature, is enough to warrant the price. Although gamers seeking processing power only will most likely end up buying a Next Generation Portable (or PSP2) as this one is more powerful than a PS3. Imagine that ! A PS3 in your pocket. Technology is mind-numbling.

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