DiscGear Selector 100 helps you sort through headaches

We are pretty sure that over the years, you must have amassed quite an impressive collection of CDs and DVDs, and assuming you’ve made the jump to the Blu-ray bandwagon, keeping everything organized and in its proper position might be a task too large for some. Good thing there is always the option to settle for outside help, this time in the form of the DiscGear Selector 100 which will retail for £29.99 a pop. This brilliant and elegant CD archive will come with a slide-away index to help you quickly browse up to 100 titles, while its patented one-touch disc retrieval system allows you to retrieve the disc in mind in a jiffy. All you need to do is scan the index for the number that matches your chosen CD, move the slider over to that particular number on the unit and press the button – and watch magic happen right before your very eyes, as your disc is presented to you.

2 thoughts on “DiscGear Selector 100 helps you sort through headaches”

  1. Seriously? One of the new coolest gadgets on 1/21?
    I’ve had one of these for years. It is the exact same thing, not a previous model. Now, on 1/21/2011, you spotlight it as a “new” coolest gadget?
    Although you didn’t specifically say “new” you did say that it “will retail for”….
    That indicates something that has yet to be released.
    I think you must be getting paid to help vendors clear out outdated, obsolete inventory.

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