Meco Press creates giant Lego blocks made of mud

What you are seeing here is not a Lego block, but a building brick made of mud.
A CEO named Thierry Perrocheau has come up with a method that will allow people in third world countries to build homes and other buildings out of a material that they have a lot of: Mud.
These bricks are made with a Meco Press. With a little bit of binding material and a whole lot of mud, you have a stacking brick. It looks like the brick only comes in one size: 1 x 4 x 4.
The Press could be used to construct blocks in eighty percent of the known world. I wonder if this guy is going to make his Meco Press in all shapes of Lego pieces. That would be an interesting way to build a house: just follow the Lego house from the catalog.
Unfortunately, it takes about 30 minutes to create one of these blocks. From there, it is possible for the user to create structures that are two stories tall.
All in all, I hope to see more of this. As my source says, who wouldn’t want a construction site where materials are found on the site itself? Perhaps a machine could be made to make building materials out of anything.