LEGO Angry Birds

Well well, what else can we say about the Angry Birds phenomenon that seemed to have swept across the whole world, starting off with the iOS platform before it hit the other markets? Here we have the Angry Birds franchise appear in all its blocky glory, making you wonder whether that is what the game would look like if it were to be translated into an 8-bit program. We’re talking about using good old LEGO bricks to construct these Angry Birds, where the entire collection looks deadly enough if you happen to hurl them at anyone. Of course, the three little blue birds that are split from a solitary one looks far too small to be of any worth, but you know what they say – a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. The giant red bird and Mighty Eagle are missing though, but Tsang Yiu Keung, the brains (and hands) behind this, is working on both.
Source: Laughing Squid