Angry Birds Backpack Clips


The Angry Birds phenomenon continues here on Coolest Gadgets with the Angry Birds Backpack Clips, where the name itself is pretty much self-explanatory. After all, who could resist these cute little buggers, especially when one is angry? These backpack clips will work as they are named, coming in the form of yellow, blue and red birds, although the blue one still comes as a solitary flyer instead of splitting into three as most people might expect. They are now up for pre-order at £3.99 each, shipping only on March 1st 2011 onwards. Perfect to help you snuggle up to the real deal whenever your smartphone’s version of Angry Birds cannot be played due to a dead battery. Not only will kids love them, adults too, find them adorable and worth a look. Evil piggies will definitely have to keep a keen eye out from these invading birds, although we would have loved to see a piggy version released as well.

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