The 3D Giant Chalk from Crayola

by Mark R

I would like to think that 3D is going to be this force that will sweep the nation, but I have yet to see that.

Of course, I remember my first encounter with 3D as a kid. It was a poster in Dynamite magazine, and I’m pretty certain that puts my age as middle. It was almost thirty years ago, but I will always remember the thrill of discovering the red and blue drawings that seemed to float off of the page.

This is why Crayola wanted to put the 3D experience in a box with 3D Giant Chalk. Somehow, the child is able to draw on the sidewalk, and using special glasses that allows them to view it in 3D.

Of course, that sounds like one of those “easier said than done tasks”. Have you ever tried to draw a crayon drawing to be seen in 3D by one of those old-school red and blue 3D glasses before? I never could figure it out. Hopefully, the instructions of this Crayola book will be simpler. I can’t imagine that you can just draw something, put on 3D glasses, and whammo! Your own creation is flying out into your face.

If you want to try it, the Crayola 3D Giant Chalk is available for $16 for four sticks and two glasses.


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Rob Says: January 18, 2011 at 7:45 pm

those are probably Chromadepth glasses. It separates colors by making it appear that blues are far back, greens, yellow, and orange somewhere in the middle, and red closer to you. Works with any medium – video, print, chalk. Cool idea.

fnart Says: January 19, 2011 at 9:31 am

They are indeed Chromadepth, and quite easy to use once you see it. Which takes as long as putting on glasses.

Kids take to it immediately and think it’s awesome. I do too, I just don’t like having to crawl around on the sidewalk. I’m too old for that. 🙂

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