Hands on with the Wowee One Portable Speaker

While I was at CES 2011, I stopped by the WOWee ONE booth and was shown the particular unit firsthand.
The WOWee ONE is not related to Wowwee, a company made famous for all sorts of nifty robot toys, but the company with the single w “WOWee” are makers of a speaker for iPod, iPad, MP3, MP4, and anything else with a headphone jack.
The speaker has a unique ability that I have seen before. You place it on a flat surface, such as a table, and it becomes a speaker. It has hybrid technology of a standard speaker that delivers the mid to high frequencies, not to mention a Gel Audio driver for low end frequencies.
As far as the battery is concerned, it has an internal rechargeable battery which can be recharged via USB or a 5V USB power adapter. It delivers up to 20 hours of playtime per charge.
You should be able to get the WOWee ONE Classic in both matte and black finish for about $79.99. They are also available in other styles such as Black and Chrome, White, and Pink for the same price. Other accessories for the WOWee ONE include the WOWee ONE Hard Case and HUG, each for about $15.99. All are available at the official WOWee ONE site.