Gefen offers more connectivity solutions with two new HDMI extenders


Mention Gefen and most audio visual enthusiasts out there would definitely have heard of this marquee, where it brings quality to the living room at affordable prices. Well, Gefen has just announced that they will be rolling out a couple of companion products for matrix switching systems using HDMI. They are both CAT-6 cable-based extenders that will deliver support for 3DTV for an instant delivery of 1080p full HD and multi-channel audio. We shall look into both the 4X CAT-6 Extender for HDMI and the 8X CAT-6 Extender for HDMI in greater detail in the extended post.

First of all, the 4X CAT-6 Extender for HDMI is a single rack-mounted extender which can be combined with any Gefen 4×4 matrix product. It will extend all four connected outputs via CAT-6 cable up to 200 feet (60m) to the remote HDTV displays, helping streamline any installation which requires HDTV displays in different locations. A solitary CAT-6 cable will be placed between the sender and receiver unit(s), helping deliver 1080p full HD with 3DTV, multi-channel audio, Gefen’s FST (Fast Switching Technology), IR remote, RS-232 and IP control. As for the sender, it will comprise of a quartet of sender units in a one rack-mount solution which can fit next to any mounted 4×4 matrix system. The four individual receiver units will connect the displays to the sender.

As for the 8X CAT-6 Extender for HDMI, this companion extender for Gefen 8×8 matrix products enables all eight connected outputs to be extended up to 200 feet (60 m) from the sources using one CAT-6 cable per display. As with its smaller brother, a single CAT-6 cable is capable of transmitting 1080p full HD video with 3DTV, multi-channel audio, FST (Fast Switching Technology), IR remote, RS-232 and IP control signals from the selected source (connected to the matrix) to the remote destination (display). The sender will comprise of eight sender units in a single rack-mount solution for convenient access to the matrix system. Eight individual receiver units connect the displays to the sender.

Both the 4X and 8X CAT-6 Extenders for HDMI can function as companions to the 4×4 or 8×8 Matrixes from Gefen, and alternatively, you can also opt for them to be used as stand-alone extender for any number of HDTV displays. Any takers to improve their living room entertainment?

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