Saw & Trowel Cake Serving Kit


If you happen to have a taste for the gruesome, then the Saw & Trowel Cake Serving Kit might just take the cake – pun intended. After all, there is nothing quite like getting the right tools for the right job, so the next time you want to celebrate someone’s birthday, the Saw & Trowel Cake Serving Kit will certainly come in handy, although if the birthday boy/girl is rather young, it might result in some disturbance of their psyche down the road – you can never tell, can you? This rather unique cake and serving set will come complete with both a stainless steel hand-saw knife and trowel cake server. It would be interesting to see people bake cakes around this theme, designing them to be sawed instead of cut with a knife. This is going to be one satisfying renovation process, that’s for sure! Sporting gold painted wooden handles and metal, it will cost you $28.99 to bring this into your kitchen.

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