Thermo Mirror can measure body temperature

I have seen a lot of mirrors that are pretty technologically fancy. I saw one at CES that had a television set on it, but I couldn’t find the information on it later on so I could write a full-length article.
This Thermo Mirror is designed by a Japanese electronics firm NEC/Avio, and it can measure an onlooker’s temperature from up to 30 centimeters or one foot away.
All this without sticking a glass mercury stick underneath your tongue! So when you call in sick to work from your cellular phone, you actually have the evidence that you are indeed “under the weather”. In fact, your boss can even hear the confirmation because the Thermo Mirror will sound an alarm if your temperature is above normal.
By the way, when the Thermo Mirror is not displaying your personal body temperature, it is displaying other information such as the date, time, humidity, and weather temperature.
Actually, I have seen Mirrors that are smarter than this one. Ones that have stock numbers, not to mention other figures that you want to see in the morning when you go to the bathroom.
You should be able to purchase the Thermo Mirror for about $1,180 to $1,440, but it might only be from Japan.

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  1. Mirror mirror on the wall, who the biggest of them all haha! WOW! Like I need a mirror to tell me data I already know. For a fraction I can just have a stick to place under my tongue to find out rather than pat 2 grand for such a gadget but if you have the dough, knock yourself out lol!

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