This Slinky house can hold 10,000 people

by Mark R

I guess I’ve been reporting on all the new technology at CES, and sometimes I just want to break out and report on something that is total concept!

This is the case for a Russian architect Alexander Remizov, who designed this Slinky structure called “The Ark”. This Ark can be assembled in sections, and it has some serious green power there with a wind power generator, solar panels, and more. There is even an aqua version that can draw upon thermal water energy. I think it can float on water as well.

By the way, this Slinky house is big enough to house about 10,000 people. That means this is one of those giant civilizations to house a whole bunch of people in case of a huge disaster or something. The fact that it has a name like “The Ark” is very reminiscent of the book of Genesis. The only difference is that this can be assembled in a lot less time than you would think. I believe it took Noah hundreds of years to build his Ark.

Now, if there is only a gigantic flight of stairs that I could set this loose on. That would be something to see.


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Hukiworld Says: January 13, 2011 at 8:20 pm

Joke at the end wasn’t funny at all just so you know Mark. As for this concept, Haiti could use a few dozen right now.

Yogibaer Says: January 14, 2011 at 12:49 pm

Joke at the end was funny,just so you know,Mark.As for this concept,I could use a dozen right now

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