Cockpit Flight Simulator


Ever wished that you could one day just drop your dreary, everyday work and be someone else completely? That’s what the Cockpit Flight Simulator is all about, giving flight simulator fans the chance to live out their dreams in the most realistic manner possible, all without heading off to the nearest flight school and do a John Travolta. This flight simulator has already been installed into a cockpit, equipping players with similar flight controls that are found in actual aircraft. Fore/aft and left/right movement of the yoke controls pitch and roll just like the real deal, although you can always eject whenever you want to without running the risk of dying. Thrust levers and dual rudder pedals will also deliver realistic throttle and yaw. While you won’t have any stewardess to offer you drinks mid-flight, the padded flight seat does offer some semblance of comfort, while a sound system surrounds you in realistic audio thanks to the use of five speakers and a subwoofer located right beneath the seat. Expect to spend many hours with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X Gold here, considering you already dropped a cool $7,000 for this.

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