Mad Catz offers new range of mice

Mad Catz is a name that is more often than not associated with video games, is back to deliver something more formal and less casual – the new range of colored lifestyle mice that is meant to see action with the personal computer, where it will fall under the company’s Eclipse home and office brand. Boasting a rather striking slim-line design as well as a tactile ‘high-gloss’ premium finish, this new colored mobilemouse will come in either white or red shades, although those who prefer to opt for something more traditional can always get it in the classic black format. We would settle for the white or red colors simply because they look chic, but when it comes to practicality, nothing beats black at all – after all, the dirt and grime which gathers on a black-colored mouse is certainly going to be a whole lot harder to see, right?

Meant to complement the Eclipse range of keyboards, the mobilemouse will cram in some rather impressive technology without having to sacrifice good looks. Made out of premium hard-wearing materials alongside a die cast metal frame, the mobilemouse was specially designed to stand-up to the most demanding of commuter or business use. Of course, when Mad Catz puts it that way, we do wonder whether banging your mouse against the table out of frustration at work constitutes as demanding business use…what do you think?
It will come with a low profile Scroll Ball that enables 4-way 360° scrolling, while cramming in 1600dpi laser technology to ensure smooth operation on a variety of surfaces. Since it is fully wireless, the mobilemouse will obviously run on 2.4GHz technology and features a ‘nano-dongle’ that delivers pretty much a rock solid connection at all times, while looking unobtrusive even when it is plugged in. Fret not about having it sip much more juice from your notebook than it should though, as it will come with on-board intelligent power management that automatically sends the mouse into standby mode when the computer shuts down, hence prolonging the battery life to 6 months using a sole AAA battery. The new Mad Catz Eclipse branded colored mobilemouse is tipped to begin shipping worldwide from March this year onwards at $59.99 a pop.
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