Makerbot is one cool toy on display at CES 2011

While I was at CES this year, I saw a booth from MakerBot which was nothing more than six or so of these funny-looking machines here.
This is the Thing-O-Matic, and it is a creation of a Dr. Seuss book come to life. Did the villain in The Lorax have something like this? Hopefully, this MakerBot will have less impact on the environment.
The Thing-O-Matic is “an affordable, open source 3D printer”. It allows the user to make things with ABS, HDPE, or PLA plastic. Its maximum size is about 100 x 100 x 100mm, which I’m told is a size of a cupcake.
I believe that the company was on hand to make certain that people were getting some cool 3D printed creations. That is a lot better than any swag than I have ever seen.
I also believe that the company wants to inspire Thingiverse, a way to share your work and inspire other people to create. So all you need to do is just get the download, and you’ll be holding the 3D creation in your hand.
The MakerBot Thing-O-Matic is available for a very high price of $1,225.00 right here. Yes, that is a whole bunch of money. I wouldn’t pay that price unless I needed this, honestly.

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  1. I was thinking of buying a while ago when I first heard about it, but the maximum build size was too limiting. A little google searching and I found They have no minimum order and matched my lowest price I got from another company. I got my 8x8x5 model shipped in 4 days just in time for a presentation. Anyways, my point is I wouldn’t want to fuss with a $1200 home made machine when I could just email my 3d file to and use there printer that costs tens of thousands for my model that only cost me a few hundred bucks.

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