Samsung wows crowd with new Blu-ray player and companion box

Samsung has taken the opportunity to introduce a new Blu-ray player and companion box enabling Google TV this CES in conjunction with their smart TV product offerings. Both of these new products will allow consumers to surf the Internet on their TV screens in the comfort of their living rooms as though they were on a computer, and more importantly for most of you out there, it will also let you update social networks, track fantasy football scores, and check e-mail among others. This seamless integration of web content into a traditional TV watching experience is the new direction for plain old TVs, instead of just having slimmer and larger models each year. Samsung’s new Blu-ray player and companion box enabling Google TV feature will run off an Android-powered platform, which in turn results in a range of Internet services for consumers. Not only that, a special Google TV remote control will also enable users to play around with a full QWERTY keypad and voice search supported courtesy of an internal microphone.
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