Razer displays the Switchblade at CES 2011, and that’s about it

by Mark R

Before I came to CES, I kept getting emails and phone calls from Razer asking them to come to their booth. Just to let you know, it is rare that I get phone calls from companies about any products at all.

I am glad that I did visit, as the Razer Switchblade was one of the coolest gadgets that I did see. If nothing else, it was one of the most original.

The Switchblade is apparently supposed to be Razer’s first foray out of gaming accessories and into a device that can game itself. It is designed with a seven-inch touchscreen made just for that purpose.

It also has an extremely unique feature with an chameleon-like keyboard. The keys of this specially designed gaming laptop are designed to change depending on what game is played. So if you are doing a Warcraft-type game, you’ll see the direction keys and action hotkeys. You will see a different formation for a flying type of game. It reminds me of the Optimus Maximus keyboard.

Here comes the sad part. I don’t know when this Razer Switchblade is planning on being released, or if it is being released. In fact, I don’t even know if this is the item that Razer wanted me to see.


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