Marchon3D EX3D glasses set to hit the mass market

Does Marchon Eyewear sound familiar to you? Perhaps not if you’re wearing a pair of Cocoons or Solar Shields, but for those who have an interest in designer and sports technology eyewear, then Marchon3D will definitely be a familiar name with you considering they’re a leading distributor and manufacturer of such eyewear. Well, the company has decided to take advantage of CES 2011 to announce their latest pair of EX3D glasses which are powered by its patented M3D 3D curved lens technology. To know more about what the Marchon3D EX3D glasses are able to offer, why not head on after the jump and check it out?

Basically, the Marchon3D EX3D will address a bunch of issues normally associated with regular 3D eyewear (that seem to be popping up everywhere on the showfloor), being more than capable of functioning in all light conditions. Basically, it lets you wear a pair and to go from the theater, play passive technology video game consoles, watch passive 3D televisions and laptops without ever having to change your glasses. How neat is that? We don’t think that TV manufacturers are going to be too pleased with this though, since chances are they would prefer to have you buy their own brand of glasses instead of relying on a third party.
Not only that, Marchon knows that you don’t want to look like a dork with a sub-standard pair of 3D glasses, which is why the EX3D will not only enhance your 3D viewing experience, it also provides you with an avenue to personalize your look with an array of frame and color choices to suit individual tastes. The launch collection will comprise of 25 styles to outfit the entire family regardless of the age group. With 3D technology getting more and more common around the home, you need not feel ashamed to display your 3D eyewear in the living room. Each style within the EX3D collection is RealD certified with scratch-resistant lenses that provide 100 percent UV protection – how neat is that? It will retail anywhere from $30 to $35, and will play nice with most stereoscopic 3D devices out there.
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