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It’s no surprise that I love gadgets and gizmos. I play video games, computer games, games on my iPod, Wii, Xbox, the list goes on and on. A giant kid at heart, my daughter cant wait till I’m finished playing with the stuff she got for her birthday.

Well, I’m happy to introduce you to a different game system for truly hands-on play. I’m putting it on my list, so I won’t have to share. Say hi to Sifteo. Sifteo cubes are 3 tiny block size computers with full color displays that can sense motion, sense each other, and wirelessly connect to your computer from as far away as 20 feet. You will be able to select from numerous interactive games that range from educational, to just plain fun.

Sifteo has games for adults, kids, and games people can play together. Sifteo’s one and a half inch Cubes come in sets of 3, but games can be played using up to 6 cubes. The cubes are rechargeable, allowing play for up to 4 hours on a single charge. You will need to play with Sifteo near your computer,  simply select a game using Sifteo’s PC application, and your computer communicates with the cubes via USB wireless link. You’ll need  Windows XP/7 or Mac OS X 10.5+ and an internet connection.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on these guys soon. It looks like they’ll start at around $149 dollars. Too cool.

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