Pyramat Tablet Chair and Tablet Chair DLX

Pyramat – surely you have heard of that name before, where they are fine purveyors of sound furniture. Well, the company is back in the thick of action this CES with their Tablet Chair and Tablet Chair DLX, where both chairs were specially designed to provide tablet users with a hi-tech haven of comfort and function. The Tablet Chair will boast a fully integrated tablet support system that boasts of an adjustable swivel arm, built-in speakers, and USB power among others. This is in line with the wide range of tablets that are already in the market today (as well as in the months ahead after seeing a plethora of them hitting the CES showfloor). Among the features of the new Pyramat Tablet Chairs are a swivel arm that sports adjustable height and angle, 2.0/2.1 speakers, a POWERSUB subwoofer in the DLX model, an MP3 cable jack, USB power and audio as well as being virtually compatible with all tablets – including the super popular iPad. Out this fall, the Pyramat Tablet Chair and Tablet Chair DLX will retail for $139.99 and $179.99, respectively.
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