Garmin GHS 20/20i Wireless Remote Handset


Garmin is more often than not known for their range of GPS navigation devices, and this time around in conjunction with the London International Boat Show, the company decided to roll out something slightly different from the usual – the Garmin GHS 20/20i Wireless Remote Handset. To put it in layman’s terms, these are a couple of full-function wireless remotes which will play nice with Garmin’s range of compatible VHF (Very Hugh Frequency) radios (case in point – Garmin’s VHF 200 and VHF 300 series radios, alongside the VHF 200i and VHF 300i international radios).

The use of the GHS 20 or GHS 20i means your boat’s communication station does not have to be stationary any more, making it an invaluable accessory to mariners since it provides freedom to move around the boat without losing an iota of control of their VHF radio. Sporting a rugged, waterproof form factor that is easy and simple to use, the GHS 20/20i will come with a backlit LCD display, soft keys, a rotary knob to adjust the volume, squelch and channel selection, and a built-in speaker mic for use in loud environments. With the intercom function, mariners are able to communicate with the base station, where the GHS 20/20i wireless handset will also sport a DSC distress function and 16/9 or 16+ channel selection right on the handset. Featuring a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, both remote headsets are able to deliver up to 18 hours of juice, and if you need to provide a quick boost, there is always the option to purchase a charging cradle to go along with the works. There is a bundled version available which will see the GHS 20/20i come with a GWH 20 wireless hub, where the latter delivers Bluetooth connectivity to your VHF radio.

The wireless hub is able to support up to a trio of GHS 20/20i handsets onboard, providing you with the flexibility to expand your onboard communication system, while giving you the ability to use walky-talky capabilities between handsets. They aren’t available now but will hit the retail market sometime in Q2 this year, where the GHS 20 is tipped to go for $299.99, while the GHS 20 with GWH 10 bundle will cost another Benjamin more. For international use, the GHS 20i sports a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $349.99, while those who are looking forward to the GHS 20i with the GWH 20 bundled will have to fork out $449.99.

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