Philips BDP7580 offers wireless HDMI

Philips intends to light up CES 2011 with their latest Wireless HDMI Blu-ray player known as the BDP7580, which is actually the first of its kind in the world. Just what does this wireless HDMI player offer? Well, it should be able to appease even the most curious of home theater fans, as who doesn’t want to move on to the world of wireless connectivity? At least the Philips BDP7580 would mean losing the risk of tripping over a wire – not that you need another one in your living room, right? Besides, having another wire behind the TV cabinet would mean an extra place for dust bunnies to settle down, which is something nobody wants considering the amount of work required to clean it up. Let’s take a look at the Philips BDP7580 in a closer manner right after the jump.

Expect the Philips BDP7580 to come with features including 3D playback, Philips MediaConnect, NetTV, Netflix and Blockbuster streaming – this will clearly expand the boundaries on just how much entertainment you will be able to receive in the comfort of your living rooms. It does sound as though you no longer need the computer to keep yourself entertained, and it might also push you to make that new TV upgrade sooner rather than later. If the missus objects, just let her know that she can watch her favorite drama series over Netflix streaming and perhaps she’ll be hooked and give her permission to the family coffers.
Back to the Philips BDP7580 – since it offers wireless HDMI, this interface eliminates the clutter with only one power cord. MediaConnect also lets consumers connect wirelessly to the PC and to the TV for unlimited access to online movies, photos, videos, and social networking among others. The desktop itself is mirrored on the TV screen and the entire Internet is but a single click away. Expect Philips to roll out the BDP7580 this coming April for $499.99 a pop.
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