OCOSMOS Gamer’s Dream tablet PC rolls out


OCOSMOS from South Korea has just introduced what they dub to be the “world’s most user-friendly personal computer and gaming device” – although we aren’t too sure on whether that claim warrants such a title or not. Of course, you can always settle for the official name of the OCS9 Tablet PC, where it is touted to revolutionize both professional and gaming PC markets. This tiny tablet will run off Intel’s next generation Atom platform known as “Oak Trail”, where Windows 7 Home Premium is the operating system of choice. The spokesperson claims that it can run the most demanding online PC games, MMORPG, 3D, productivity and social networking applications, although we’re not too sure whether you will get Crysis on full-blown graphics settings without it dropping to 1fps or something. Bear in mind that being able to run a game and running it smoothly are totally different things, so we wouldn’t get our hopes up on something like this just yet.

Using the rather unique and yet usable OMOS Key interface, it is touted to enhance the ease and speed of tasks and games commonly performed on a laptop or desktop where its intuitive control mechanism is superior to multi-touch interfaces for playing games and browsing the Web. Of course, there are some of us who would prefer to settle for the usual keyboard and mouse set up, but that remains to be seen, of course, until we actually have a device like this to try out.

The OCS9 was specially designed for hardcore and casual gaming, interactive entertainment, social networking and productivity applications, coming with a 9-inch multi-touch display and accompanied by a detachable QWERTY controller with virtual keyboard, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation support, and USB 2.0 High Speed. It says “powerful stereo sound” but we aren’t too sure on that considering the relatively tiny size of this device. There is no word on pricing or availability of this puppy, but we do expect it to have marginally average sales if and when released as we don’t think the market has evolved to such a stage yet.

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