Vivitek promises 2D to 3D quick conversion: Are we there yet?

I was amazed at how many booths on the CES floor were devoted to 3D-related products. I remember seeing this being whispered about at CES two years ago, then spoken about constantly at CES 2010, now 3D is literally in your face at CES 2011.
Of course, the average consumer like me can’t really afford to purchase a 3D system. Due to my lack of personal experience in 3D, I have wondered if we are at the point where we can put in an ordinary 2D movie and see it in 3D.
According to Vivitek, we can. I stopped by their booth out of curiosity, and a smooth-talking spokesperson assured me that 2D to 3D is possible, and Vivitek is the first company to do it. He told me that if I wanted to watch Gunsmoke or I Love Lucy Reruns, then all I would have to do is put on the video file and my 3D glasses.
I found it hard to believe his statement, and I told him so. I stated that I Love Lucy was in black and white, and so how could it recognize it in 3D. He said that it would not be a problem.
I also find it hard to believe that we are really at the point where we can convert 2D to 3D so easily. I have no idea if Vivitek is simply working on this technology, because the spokesman didn’t give me a press kit. Generally most booths at CES have a Press Kit or something, especially for an announcement that I feel would be pretty big in the tech community.
Now I’m going to open this posting up for comments. I want you, the informed technological readers that you are, to inform me if we are there yet as far as 2D to 3D instant conversion. Let me know if Vivitek’s claim is true, or did some other company already work this out and marketing it as we speak?