Verizon to offer Sling with 4G/LTE Mobile Phones

Can you watch me now?

With rumors that the iPhone may finally be coming to the Now Network, and now, a real announcement of a package deal that pairs the SlingBox to an LTE/4G Mobile Phone, Verizon has been very busy at CES.
Here’s the deal – customers who subscribe to LTE broadcand can get a Slingbox Media Streamer and a copy of Slingplayer bundled right in. The app itself is a $39.99 value and will be available for select 4G smartphones from Sansung and HTC, as well as being coupled with the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
There’s no word on how much the extra service will run, but it is expected to be a separate tiered service and will add to the already over $100 monthly cellphone bill subscribers are used to.
The offer will be available later in the year and will also include Vcast.
Hat Tip – Slash Gear