Skype to buy Qik

by James

Skype and Qik, two halfs of a familiar apple, are going to become one. Skyqik?

Two companies that really turned the mobile world upside down over the last few years are merging. And it’s HUGE news. No, we’re not talking Google and Apple. That would be World War III. We’re talking about Skype announcing at CES that they’re buying QIK. And considering they use similar color schemes, why not?

Qik made headlines a few years ago by making it possible to broadcast live video from one’s smartphone to the Internet. That’s very Skypelike if you think about it and Skype agrees, which is why it’s buying Qik. And Skype’s goal will be to make a “a richer, more integrated experience that will allow people globally to share experiences in real-time video across different platforms.”

And with Skype’s amazing quality when 20 million of your closest friends are online, and Qik’s video capability across multiple platforms, the result will be huge. And considering Skype just published their video chat app for the iPhone, you can bet that Cupertino is paying close attention to this one.

Hat Tip – Engadget

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